Vegan Baby’s First 100 Foods

When Baby R started eating solids at 6 months, I was eager for her to try as many foods as she could handle. My goal was to make it to 100 foods before she turned 1, mainly because it was something fun to track, but also because studies suggest that eating a variety of foods as well as a plant-based diet helps to establish a healthy gut biome.

Baby-led weaning made it easy for her to try different foods because she ate what we ate. And now that she’s 1, she’s showing greater interest in our food, so she’s trying even more variety every week.

While I know her palette will change as she gets older and she will become pickier, I wanted to introduce her to as many flavors as possible so could have a greater range of flavors to choose from.

If your baby is new to solids, I hope this list inspires you. Share with me your baby’s favorite solids in the comments below!

Please note: we limited our baby’s salt and sugar intake during her first year and will continue to do so through her second. We used sodium free and sugar free alternatives whenever needed.


1. Banana
2. Avocado
3. Blueberries
4. Raspberries
5. Strawberries
6. Blackberries
7. Kiwi
8. Baked apple
9. Baked pear
10. Plantain
11. Orange
12. Mango
13. Grapes
14. Pineapple
15. Watermelon
16. Honeydew melon
17. Cantaloupe
18. Peach
19. Plum
20. Jackfruit
21. Coconut


22. Roasted broccoli
23. Roasted carrot
24. Roasted sweet potato
25. Roasted zucchini
26. Steamed asparagus 
27. Roasted beets
28. Cauliflower 
29. Green peas
30. Potato
31. Yellow onion
32. Tomato
33. Green beans
34. Corn
35. Red onion
36. Roasted red pepper
37. Steamed kale
38. Steamed spinach
39. Fennel
40. Pumpkin
41. Parsley 
42. Cilantro
43. Chipotle pepper
44. Eggplant
45. Sweet potato tots
46. Veggie fritters 
47. Heart of palm

Grains and Seeds

48. Almond milk yogurt 
49. Hemp seeds
50. Chia seeds
51. Flaxseed
52. Quinoa
53. Brown rice
54. Bulgar wheat
55. Oatmeal
56. Couscous


57. Black beans
58. Kidney beans
59. Roma beans
60. Pinto beans
61. Black lentils
62. Brown lentils
63. Green lentils
64. Red lentils
65. Edamame
66. Chickpeas
67. Mujaddara


68. Chickpea pancakes
69. Red lentil cakes
70. Sugar-free waffles
71. Ezekiel bread
72. Almond meal muffin
73. Banana corn cakes
74. Peanut butter muffin
75. Oat muffin
76. English muffin
77. Bagel
78. Samosa
79. Tortilla
80. Sugar-free pancake


81. Gnocchi 
82. Acini de pepe
83. Fusilli
84. Penne
85. Cauliflower gnocchi
86. Lentil pasta


87. Basil pesto
88. Kale pesto
89. Tomato sauce
90. Curry sauce
91. Sofrito
92. Sodium-free enchilada sauce


93. Hummus
94. Baba ganoush
95. Peanut butter
96. Almond butter


97. Baked tofu
98. Hempeh
99. Tempeh
100. Vital wheat gluten

*This list does not include the spices she tried in her first year, so I’ve included them here: cumin, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, turmeric, coriander, ginger, curry powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, smoked paprika, oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley, Mrs. Dash Italian blend, black pepper, five spice. Don’t be afraid to season your baby’s food. She will thank you later.

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