Vegan Candy for Halloween (or anytime, really!)

If you’re vegan, or newly vegan, you are probably wondering whether you’ll ever be able to eat candy again. The answer if yes! Of course, you can eat candy, unless you’re a super-strict whole foods, 100% plant-based vegan. Then, it may be difficult (or impossible) to find a tasty, whole foods treat. My family tries to stay away from overly processed foods and sweets, but during the colder months, we all crave some sugary goodness. When October rolls around and the days get shorter, nostalgia floods our emotions and we want something sweet to take us back to our childhood.

I’ll admit, when I first removed dairy and animal products from my life, I had a hard time finding a good vegan chocolate. It’s typically more expensive, usually pretty dark, and variety can be difficult to find. Who wants to be stuck eating the same treats over and over again? Sometimes, you have to really hunt for vegan chocolate because your local grocery store probably doesn’t have many options. However, always be on the lookout for a store-brand chocolate bar.

While vegan chocolate isn’t easy to find, once you do find it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Most vegan chocolate is sustainably sourced and some companies even support good causes. For instance, ensuring that the farmers who grow it are paid fairly or providing aid to organizations who help protect forests from deforestation. 

Vegan chocolates don’t contain milk, so they are darker than your milk chocolate favorites. Research shows dark chocolate has some health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, providing antioxidants, and regulating immune function and inflammation. Perhaps we should all be eating a bite of dark chocolate daily, anyway. 😉

Now, non-chocolate candies are easier to find – think gummies, hard candies, and colorful, fruity chews. My only concern with these candies is the food coloring and additives. It’s really hard to find a fruity, gummy candy that isn’t packed full of artificial coloring. I try to avoid food coloring because research shows that it’s a known carcinogen and contributes to learning and behavioral issues in children. If you want to avoid food coloring and dyes, buy organic products and check food labels for these alternative dyes: beet, carotenes, annatto, and capsanthin.

I link to the products for your convenience. I am neither a sponsor nor affiliate for any of the products listed below.

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Chocolate Bars

Theo Chocolates: Theo brand is organic, non-GMO, fair trade, and has 28 options for vegan chocolate!

Endangered Species Chocolates: Endangered Species has 15 options for vegan chocolate and by purchasing from them you support a good cause. In 2018, they donated over $1.7million to help wildlife. Read their full impact report here.

Justin’s: Justin’s dark chocolate varieties are accidentally vegan. While they are processed in the same facility as products containing milk, the dark chocolate almond butter, cashew butter, and peanut butter cups do not contain milk.

Alter Eco Chocolates: Here is a list of Alter Eco’s vegan chocolates: Superdark Truffles, Dark Sea Salt, Dark Salted Almonds, Dark Blackout, Dark Super Blackout, Dark Crisp Mint, Dark Quinoa, 90% Superdark Crisp Mint, Double Chocolate Coconut Clusters, Original Coconut Clusters, Cherry + Almond Butter Coconut Clusters, Seeds + Salt Coconut Clusters, Rainbow Quinoa, Pearl Quinoa, Black Quinoa, and Red Quinoa.

This is a great brand, too because they are organic, non-GMO, use compostable packaging, and help to support the rain forest and their farmers.

Enjoy Life: I love Enjoy Life chocolates because they are allergen friendly! I use their chocolate chunks for most of my cookie recipes. They have a wide variety of vegan chocolates, all of which are non-GMO.

Ritter Sport Bars: Ritter’s dark chocolate varieties are also accidentally vegan: Dark Chocolate with Marzipan, Dark Almond and Orange, Cacao Selection Dark Chocolate Fine, and Cacao Selection Dark Chocolate Intense.

Amy’s Chocolate Bars: Amy’s offers 3 vegan, organic chocolate bars: Sunny Bar with Roasted Almonds, Dreamy Bar with Chocolate Creamy Nougat, and Dark Chocolate Minty.

Equal Exchange Chocolates: Equal Exchange has several vegan chocolate bar options, and their business is built on fair trade products and farms.

Lindt’s Dark Chocolates: Lindt brand offers a few chocolate bars, as well: Surfin Dark Chocolate Thins, and the following Cocoa Excellence Bars: 70%, 85%, 90%, and 95%. 78% contains milk, and there nutrition information isn’t available for the 99%.

OCHO Candy: OCHO has a few vegan chocolate bars, and they are all organic: dark chocolate coconut bars, dark chocolate coconut minis, and dark chocolate peanut butter bars .

Madecasse Chocolates: All of Madecasse’s chocolate bars are vegan! Plus they are a direct trade company.


It’s very hard to find a vegan, gummy candy that doesn’t contain artificial dyes and additives. Below are 8 organic, vegan-friendly, naturally dyed candy options.

Wholesome Organic: Wholesome Organic offers several vegan candy options made without artifical dyes. My absolute favorite is DelishFish. I craved Swedish Fish while I was pregnant, and their DelishFish provided a safer alternative. Their Cinnamon Organic Bears and Organic Fruit Chews are also vegan.

Surf Sweets: Surf Sweets has Sour Worms and Organic Watermelon Rings that are vegan and contain natural food-based dyes.

Yum Earth Organic: The following Yum Earth Organic Candies are vegan and free of artificial dyes: Lollipops, Hard Candy, Fruit Snacks, Licorice, Sour Twists and Sour Beans. Their website warns that their Gummy Bears and Candy Corn are not vegan.

Strawberry Hill: Strawberry Hill candies are allergen-free and made without artificial dyes.

GoOrganic: GoOrganic candies can be found at the Natural Candy Store. Both of their chews are vegan, while the hard candies have 8 vegan flavors.

Annie’s: Most of Annie’s Fruit Snacks are vegan and contain no artificial coloring.

Tree Hugger: Tree Hugger chewing gum is non GMO, vegan, and made without artificial coloring. However, it is made with 100% Xylitol, which may cause abdominal discomfort.

Newman’s Own: Newman’s Own licorice twists are vegan and free of artificial dyes, but they do contain corn syrup.

The following candies are vegan, but contain artificial coloring: Chick-o-sticks, Mary Jane’s, Red Vines, Mamba, Dumdums, Dots, and Airheads.

I would love to know about some of your favorite vegan candy! Tell me in the comments below.

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